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Launching a digital media campaign in China to sell products or promote a brand can be full of opportunity but also rather daunting, especially if you represent a company with no China experience of presence on the ground. 

Chris Baker, a digital media veteran and Founder of Totem Media, advises international companies in the process of creative awareness, connecting with Chinese consumers and driving business performance. 

Watch him share insights on his client work and the central concept most companies miss. 


Why You Need 'Path to Purchase'


''We start with a brand strategy approach to understand who the brand is, then match that up against the audience in China. We are really trying to create energy between the brand and audience,'' says Chris.  

The central concept which they work on with clients is the path to purchase. ''It is something marketers have used for a long time, but with social media and the analytical work that we do to understand that path to purchase, we have created a model that allows us to understand the key points in that path, from the initial interest, to selecting options to purchase, and then the loyalty element that should happen after.''

''We are creating content at every step of the way that match up with that path.'' 


Which Industries Are Most Active?


''We specifically work in a few key industries. One is travel and entertainment. Some of our clients are overseas and we help them inside of China to develop social media content and create a better understanding of what a visit to that place overseas might be. We also then let them do some ticketing and link to e-commerce.''

''Another part of our business is focused on luxury and prestige brands. In China generally there needs to be a better job of story-telling. I think the luxury brands are the ones that need high-quality story-telling the most. Up until now they have been maybe too focused on sales.''

''The third area is in retail, to help them understand at each step of the way what content is going to motivate the next action for them.''



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